Originally posted on Facebook, October 2, 2006.

The following is from a few years ago.  It was my second year teaching and I was split between two different buildings, commuting between the two every day.  It was total chaos.

Today, in my walk to read group, a kid took off his shoes and socks and licked his foot. Siiiiiiiiiick. Then he got up and put his shoes in the recycle bin. Also, a kid came in with only half his braids in, so one half was neat (but huge) corn rows and the other was trying to be a fro. And his nose was full of crusty snot, as usual. One kid came in half way through and would not stop crying the whole time. A girl had a headache and got a wet paper towel (my solution to elementary school aches and pains is always to either have them sit really still or put a wet paper towel on it), but then she ate the paper towel. Or, at least, she chewed it up real good. Every time I’d call on her, she had chunks of paper towel dangling out of her mouth like they were floppy vampire teeth or deflated walrus tusks. Another kid wouldn’t take his booty off the radiator heater thing until I told him it might burn him. Nobody wants a burnt booty. A girl was spinning around on the floor and wouldn’t stop until she smacked her face on a metal table leg, which gave her a big welt by her eyebrow. The kid with half a fro chased himself around a table leg like a dog chasing his tail until the girl smacked her face. They’re sort of a learn things the hard way kind of crowd. They threw rocks. We were indoors, but somehow they found rocks. Somebody pulled the head off a seahawks candy dispenser I have. They crawled under chairs. One kid grabbed a sharpie and pretended to write on the tables. Luckily he was just pretending. They are all nutballs.

Actually, it was the best day we’ve had in a long time.

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