I Rock a lot of Polka Dots

Actually, I don’t. That is, I didn’t until this fall.  Now I own exactly three polka-dotted things: one shirt, one scarf, and one pair of Toms. That’s a 300% increase in polka dots in my life! Jump back.

Today I accidentally wore two of my polka-dotted things at the same time.  I put on my Toms, made coffee, and ran around like a nutter.  Then decided my outfit needed another accessory, so I grabbed my scarf and ran out the door. It wasn’t until maybe two hours later when someone commented on my shoes, which are also kind of glittery, that I realized I’d double-polka-dotted my outfit.  Double dots! A totally new experience for me. Nobody challenged my fashion choice, but I still felt a little like this:

The only thing in her rant that doesn’t describe me exactly is that I do not have baby farm animals on my checks. That costs extra.

I feel like the polka dots are adding a fresh zing to my life.  Someone said I looked “sassy” today.  Awesome. I’ll take it.

Because I’m liking this whole fresh, zingy feeling, I’ve decided to make some other changes.  Step 1: polka dots. Step 2: new blog! Zing!

I loved How Not to Get Punched at Recess, but I always felt like if I wasn’t writing about school that I wasn’t really writing to the format.  Work is a major part of my life, but not my WHOLE life. I needed room to wiggle and roam.

All my posts from Punched at Recess are still here.  Just like I didn’t throw out my whole wardrobe in and replace it with all dots, all the time, I didn’t scrap everything I’d previously written.  I love all those posts, I just wanted to be able to do more.

So here’s to more! More dots, more sparkles, more life!


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