Snow Update

I’ve got a big post brewing in my brain all about the ups and downs of our snowy adventure.  I think it’s going to have to wait, though. It’s a beast and needs some taming.  Let’s just say that the spoon trick was successful, although it didn’t all work out exactly as I’d planned.  Isn’t that always the way? 

 It snowed and snowed on Sunday and then stopped for the night.  The powers that be decided to run school on a regular schedule and I had to go in anyway, even though the snow picked up in the morning and fell all stinking day.

So I hung out, obsessively checked the weather report, taught some things to kids, made paper snowflakes, and built a snowman with one of my little friends on the Autism spectrum who was pretty sure that going outside in the snow was the first step in his journey towards frost-bite induced toe amputation. The speech therapist and I told him this was not the movie Alive and that we’d not be leaving him up in the Andes by himself.  We were going outside for 20 minutes with coats and gloves and scarves and boots and we were going to PLAY, dangit.

So we forced him to build this snowman:

We didn’t stick around long enough to give him a name, but there’s something about him that says “passive jubilation,” no?

So, look forward to more from me.  I know you’re teeming with anticipation.  Please forgive me for the radio silence, it’s a little difficult to access the internet when you haven’t got power and you’re huddled for warmth under down blankets with your roommates and your cat.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  It means I’m cold.  Please don’t leave me. (Apparently snow makes me needy.)