Pull the trigger…

I’m just jumpin’ in here. It’s been awhile. It’s been since, like, April or May or something. The problem with letting something go for so long is that once you feel like starting again it seems impossible. Or at least really difficult. Once something is already rolling, it tends to stay that way. Isn’t that what physics tells us? But what if you felt like you had to stop the ball for just a little bit while you walked away to do something and then the ball grew moss and kind of sank into the ground? And maybe a little bush grew next to it? Or somehow lots of bits of debris, rocks or twigs or what-have-you, builds up around it? What if you want to get back to writing, but you’re worried that the best you can come up with is a lame metaphor involving a ball you’ve left in the yard? What do you do then?

Well, you pull the trigger and you just go for it. You post something, knowing it’s going to get e-mailed out to folks that haven’t heard anything from you in for-ev-er, and you move on with your life to the next, better post.

That was my band-aid. Consider it ripped-off. The end.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear 'em!

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