RIP, Pigeon Feather

This photo was taken last Friday, November 12th.  I was super excited because the last, lone pigeon feather left behind by Cap’n Pidgey was still going strong.  For two months, give or take a couple of days, that feather has been a part of our class.  The kids check on it near-daily.

Today, however, no feather.  It was there yesterday, gone today.  Last night there were wind gusts above 50 miles per hour.  A tree branch pierced through one of the eaves of our garage roof.  My parents are still without power nearly 24 hours later.  I was seriously hoping the feather would somehow hang on.  RIP, little pigeon feather.  I believed in you. 

(Thinking about it now, a feather blowing away in a 50 mile per hour wind is not all that shocking…hm…maybe I should have posted a picture of the branch through our roof…)

Thoughts? I'd love to hear 'em!

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